Funnel Feeder Tammy Jung Wants To Be Fattest In The World

Funnel Feeder Tammy Jung Wants To Be Fattest In The World


LOS ANGELES, CA – UNDATED: Tammy Jung, 23, poses for a photograph in her favorite cartoon character’s attire “Wonder woman” in Los Angeles, California.

ROLY poly model Tammy Jung force feeds herself every day with a funnel in a bid to become an internet star. The 23-year-old weighs 16.5 stone but scoffs up to 5,000 calories each day by feasting on fried chicken, dozens of donuts and blocks of cheese. The pretty blonde has ambitions to top 30 stone and become a BBW – big beautiful woman, earning money selling her videos and pictures to fans around the world. Tammy, from Los Angeles, California, used to be a slim pretty teenager but bizarrely made the decision to go on a reverse crash diet, trying to gain weight as quickly as possible, for the sake of online fame. She is being encouraged to gain weight by her feeder boyfriend Johan Ubermen, 28, who helps her by buying £70 of junk food per day and making thick ice-cream milkshakes which he feeds to Tammy through a funnel. Tammy’s doctor has warned her to stop to avoid shortening her life but she refuses to listen to health advice.

PHOTOGRAPH BY Laurentiu Garofeanu / Barcroft USA

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